V-Note Part II: Restaurant Review

I reviewed the Upper East Side vegan restaurant V-Note last week, and I used up my second Groupon there this past Thursday. Unfortunately, the experience wasn’t quite as nice as last time.

I brought my great friend Megan from home who was visiting schools in New York.

A couple of hours into her trip, she was Subway-in’ it like a pro!

obnoxious pictures. they are a must.



We arrived at V-Note at 6:30, which I now know isn’t the best time to go. There was only one or two people there, which made for an awkward, too-quiet atmosphere. My fault for scheduling the reservations too early! By the time we left around 8pm, the place was crowded and the live music made me want to stay all night.

We opted not to get an appetizer and save room for dessert, so the main entrees were up first. Another downfall for being the few diners there was that our food came out probably ten minutes after we ordered; I typically like to wait a while and delve into conversation first, so we felt a bit rushed being served right away.

Megan ordered the Mushroom Lentil Ravioli-house made ravioli filled with chickpeas, lentils, smoked eggplant, in a shiitake-tahini cream sauce topped with herbed greens

After she let me take a bite, we decided we were both fans but that we weren’t blown away by the flavors. B+ !

I chose the Chile Rellano-baked poblano pepper stuffed with vegetable ratatouille and cheese, spinach citrus rice, tomato coconut cream, pineapple salsa

Unfortunately, there was nothing to rave about here either. I enjoyed the meal but I had hoped for a bigger pop of flavors, and I even wished that the dish had been warmer.

We got the Chocolate Ganache Cake (just like last week), which definitely made up for the lacking main dishes. To any of you who might someday dine here, please order this cake for yourself. Sharing this thing is getting harder and harder each time.

All in all, I still love the intimate, warm ambiance of V-Note; for now, though, it looks like I’ll stick to my favorites, and aim to arrive later at night to enjoy the bustling liveliness that starts after the older folks leave. 😉

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