A Night at the NYC Ballet

I’ve got papers, projects, deadlines, and midterms coming up next week. So how do I spend my weekend? At the ballet, naturally!

Katy surprised me with tickets to the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center this past Saturday night. Our seats were on the top right, and we both agreed that we had great spots, all things considered! Our view was perfect.

The company performed three short pieces with intermissions in-between:

Donizetti Variations {“classical dances in the Bournonville style”},

Agon {“The apex of the Stravinsky/Balanchine collaboration, its an intense masterwork, ever contemporary in its athletic competitiveness”},

and Fancy Free {“the footloose escapades of three sailors on shore leave in Manhattan”}.

(all dance images via Google)

The duet in Donizetti Variations was filled with countless turns that left me breathless; the duet in Agon demonstrated the insanely gorgeous ways that dancers’ bodies can bend, and the humor in Fancy Free was the perfect finale.

After the show we wandered around Lincoln Center and admired the gorgeous portraits of the NYC Ballet Company.

Tyler Peck!

the two of us, all dolled up.


like I always say: cheesy tourist pictures are necessary!


Have you ever been to a ballet? Where?

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