Peacefood Cafe: Vegan Restaurant Review

My best friend {and frequent feature on my blog} Katy and I dined at Peacefood Cafe over the weekend.

It is officially my new favorite NYC spot.

Peacefood Cafe is tucked into the corner of 82nd and Amsterdam on the Upper West Side, and the atmosphere is wonderfully cozy and romantic.


We got there pretty early-6:15pm, and the place was packed!

I started off my meal with a drink that I chose based on its name alone: the Brazilian Nut Chai. FANTASTIC!

Katy settled on the Peacebowl, which offers your choice of 3 vegetables with a side of brown rice and special sauce. She got zucchini, kale, and my suggested brussel sprouts.

Note: the lighting that night was NOT helping out my photography skills! 😦

She cleaned her plate and said she would definitely order it again. A+!

I had trouble deciding between the two vegetable + soup entree and the Fluffy Quinoa Salad {beans, baby greens & sprouts of the day, avocado, sweet peppers, corn & onions tossed with creamy lime mustard vinaigrette}, but my extremely handsome kind male waiter swayed me toward the latter. Thank goodness he did…it was absolutely incredible.

anything with avocado gets an A in my book.

We proceeded to take a look at the dessert menu, which was both a blessing and a curse.

Peacefood is known for its macaroons and raw pies, but especially popular is their Cookie Sandwich: chocolate chip, grasshopper, peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin. 

Katy ordered her own Brazilian Nut Chai and we split the completely decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich.

This is NOT your average cookie…

The cookie top and bottom were both soft and chewy, and the frosting in the middle was rich and cold, in a good way.

we love!

I cannot say better things about this restaurant.

Waitstaff: friendly and quick

Atmosphere: fun and relaxing

Food: literally perfect

Location: ideal!

Please make it to Peacefood Cafe if you ever get the chance. You will not regret it!

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