Babycakes Cooking Demo

I had cupcakes for dinner last night!

{Sur La Table in Hell’s Kitchen}

{A cooking demo with Babycakes founder and owner, Erin McKenna}

{the kitchen set is small enough that it feels very relaxed and intimate; only 30 guests were in attendance, making for a more interactive and enjoyable experience}

{recently launched baking kits allow fans to recreate the cupcakes at home}

{I spied those pre-made cupcakes the moment I took my seat.}

{the very adorable-and very pregnant-Erin Mckenna!}

{first recipe: waffles! using Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free flour, rice milk, coconut oil, and vanilla, among other ingredients}

Erin could not have been more real and down to earth. No extravagant introduction, no rant about the high success of her bakery; she literally started with, “Hey guys! So let’s get started!” She is my idol.

{the focus of the class was gluten-free baking, and about 2/3 of the class attendants had the allergy.}

{Sur La Table’s incredibly nice head chef Joel working on those waffles}

{I’m utterly confused: I saw the simple ingredients, I saw how easily Erin make these,  I even watched her assemble them…and yet I can’t quite understand how these waffles were unlike anything I had ever tasted…I promise I’m not exaggerating.}

{next up were the vanilla cupcakes. As Erin was making the batter, she let us all in on the secret to vegan baking: add hot water! Apparently, lots of vegan desserts can come out lumpy and crumbly because of the lack of wet ingredients like butter and eggs, so she suggests adding up to 1/4 cup of hot water to break up the batter and produce a better outcome.}

{One thing that surprised both me and the head chef Joel was how easy gluten-free and vegan baking really is: Erin literally used a bowl and a spatula…there was not a whisk, electric mixer, or anything else in sight!}

{some guests, learning the special frosting technique}

{finished product: the classic Babycakes Vanilla Cupcake. I could have easily eaten three more.}

{The final recipe was for chocolate chip cookies. Here, Erin was describing the difficulties with finding/making gluten-free products. For instance, she has been experimenting with bread recipes, only to discover that the next morning the loaves are hard as rock!}

{That is exactly why she said she couldn’t sleep on the night that she perfected her cookie recipe: chewy, delicious, just like her mom’s, and she didn’t feel sick to her stomach after eating it!}

*The cookie tasted great, but I’ll be honest: I probably would not order this cookie again at the recipe. I am very lucky not to have an allergy to gluten, and I prefer my cookies thick, soft, and chewy.

{more freshly baked cupcakes}

{her cupcake cookbook was for sale, and she filled us in on her hopes for another book, all about bread! Its pretty far down the horizon, though, as she’ll be focusing on her baby for the next couple years.}

{Erin really is one of the sweetest people who I’ve met in New York.}

{If given the chance, you would be crazy not to visit her bakery on Broome and Orchard in Soho, or her other locations in Downtown Disney and Los Angeles!}

{an unforgettable experience.}




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2 thoughts on “Babycakes Cooking Demo

  1. Great piece thank you!

  2. Kathleen on said:

    I have had more fun reading your food critic blogs on restaurants which have me craving all the delightful items. Thank you so much for sharing! Keep up with the beautiful, fun pictures (which should include more of you)… just love it all!
    Aunt Kathleen


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