A NYCVFF Favorite: Chocholistic

As I made my way through the Vegetarian Food Festival this past Saturday, a particular booth kept me coming back for more. Wayyy more.

The brand is called Chocholistic, and the product is quite possibly the most delicious and nutrient-filled chocolate one will ever taste. Kenzie Harrick, Certified Health Counselor, developed Chocholistic  and its raw, organic, natural, superfood-filled chocolates after being fed up with the highly processed and sugar-filled mainstream products.

The adorable Kenzie with her one-of-a-kind chocolates!

*Photo via Chocholistic.com*

The best thing about these chocolates is its ingredients…prepared to be mind-blown. TEN superfoods are packed into these truffles for ultimate health and nutrition.

Cacao (highly medicinal), Chaga (boosts immune system, promotes youthful skin), Chia Seeds (Omega 3), Chlorella (powerful detoxifier), Coconut Oil (kills unwanted bacteria), Lucuma (filled with helpful minerals), Maca (increases energy), Olive Oil (high in antioxidants), Passion Flower (mood booster), Reishi (a medicinal mushroom known for immune support), Stevia (sugar-free sweetener), and Xylitol (all-natural sweetener).

This is just a few of the stats on the chocolate; I highly suggest you visit the website to learn more about this amazing superfood!

Never again will I have to feel guilty about eating my fix of chocolate. Like most people, it can turn into an addictive and guilty thing. Kenzie has made available the type of chocolate that you can feel good about, that you know is improving your overall health, that you should eat.

If you are wondering where Kenzie got the brilliant idea to create such an innovative and healthful chocolate, a lot of her work is reflective of her schooling; she graduated with a B.A in Psychology with a focus on Health Promotion from the American University, studied at the Raw Food Institute, and concluded her schooling at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Whew! This lady knows her stuff, especially regarding healthy lifestyles and different dietary theories.

For the few moments that I was able to speak with Kenzie, I saw what an incredibly sweet and passionate person she is. I could instantly tell how much she cares about the health and happiness of her customers. Her chocolates come in 9 different truffles, selling for $20 a box-amazing deal! I will definitely be adding her product to my go-to gift-giving list.

Take the time to visit her website and learn more about her story. This is a revolution in chocolate, people!

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