NYC Veg Food Fest: the eats

NYC Vegetarian Food Festival. March 3rd, 2012. Met Pavilion on 18th Street and 6th Avenue in Chelsea. 

{sammies with vegan “meat” cuts}

{grilled cheese using Daiya Cheddar Cheese-soy free!}

{coconut milk-based ice cream by Coconut Bliss}

{vegan chocolate Easter bunnies by Rescue Chocolate: 100% of the proceeds are donated to animal rescue organizations!}

{dried figs, plums, and apricots by Fruit Bliss}

{peanut butter crunch samples by The Simply Bar}

{incredible kale smoothie made in SECONDS by the Vitamix juicer and blender…that thing is ridiculous.}

{coconut-crusted vegan marshmallow by Sweet N Sara}

{plain hummus sprinkled with a spicy seasoning mix by Bagel Spice}

{white chocolate peanut butter by Saratoga Peanut Butter Company-AMAZING.}

{“Teese” mock cheese flavors}

{Earth Balance chocolate, vanilla, and unsweetened soymilk}

{the most amazing, sugar-free, superfood chocolate I have ever tasted…separate post to come on Chocholistic!}

{vegan beef jerky. yup. By Stonewall’s Jerquee}

{original, goji berry, and walnut vegan chocolate by Cloud}

{delicious cucumber dishes made by The Regal Vegan}

{more incredible vegan chocolate bites by Bixby Bar}

{NOM. Chickpea flour frittata…no idea how they did it, but I came back to this booth two more times.}

{banana walnut bread by the same adorable couple as the frittata}

{peanut butter cookies by Goodie Girl Edibles}

{vegan thin mints! these were so tasty, much better than the original}

{tiny but classic: chocolate chip cookies}

{Brooklyn’s V-Spot selling their gigantic vegan empanadas}

{kale chips, hilariously titled “Chippin’ Kales”. Ha.}

{molasses cookies by Mama Micki’s. So cute!}

{unreal oatmeal cookie bites by Home Free Goodies}

*So, you know how people joke around that vegans only eat spinach? Um, no…we only eat cookies, apparently.

{this protein powder blew me away. Mixed with water, the Vanilla Raspberry flavor tasted like liquid candy. Only then did I learn that among the few ingredients were peas and artichokes. Separate post on this to come. New favorite!}

{chocolate covered sunflower seeds. We vegans also love our chocolate…jeez.}

{strawberry nut butter ice cream made from the infamous Vitamix…Mom, if you’re reading this, the investment IS worth it!}

{chocolate peanut butter by Peanut Butter & Co}

Vegan. Food. Coma.


What is the one sample you would have wanted to try?

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One thought on “NYC Veg Food Fest: the eats

  1. Just one?? Can I have all of it please? I should not have looked at your post after just coming home from work when I am most hungry. IF I had to narrow it down, I would have wanted to try the easter bunnies and the empanadas.

    All of it looks so good though.


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