NYCVFF: The Brands

One of my favorite parts about this year’s Vegetarian Food Festival was the fact that I was introduced to countless brands that all contribute to a cruelty-free world with their vegan-friendly products. From marshmallows to body soap, faux-beef jerky to hand cream, designer coats to animal aid-funding chocolate, there was literally an abundance of small companies that I cannot wait to watch thrive in the mass market as the demand rises for products that are kind to the world.

Take a look at just a handful of the amazing faces of this year’s Veg Food Fest!

{Good ‘ole Whole Foods was a major sponsor to the event}

{Hemp Hearts hemp seeds, which I immediately mixed into my morning oatmeal the next day}

{For Sale! I was tempted…but passed.}

{Being from Wisconsin, I might as well be shunned from the state due to my non-participation in brat, cheese, and beer indulging…perhaps I can redeem myself through Daiya Cheese products}

{The Simply Bar, a brand that promotes products with simple, wholesome, and healthy ingredients}

{Sweet & Sara’s assorted smore’s marshmallow treats…I’m pretty sure a lot of people have them to thank for sugar-comas.}

{I wasn’t kidding.}

{an assortment of body butters, shampoos, hand creams, and lotions, all vegan and cruelty-free}

{almond butterrrrrr! One of the greater joys in life.}

{Blizzard &  Monkey Boy flavors. Not your average PB.}

{You would definitely be Teesed into thinking this was real cheese. Ha!}

{Still cannot get over this faux jerky…Dad? Interested?}

{I used to make fun of my mom for eating “squirrel food”…now I’m the nutcase.}

{Edible Girl Goodies, an attempt to re-create Girl Scout Cookies. Their “thin mints” are WORLDS better than the actual cookie. I wonder if I can persuade the troops to re-consider their sales strategy…}

{Vaute Couture, an awesome clothing line with high-end coats, t-shirts, and accessories. They just opened their brand new store in Brooklyn!}

{I am so excited about this concept: it’s a guidebook to healthy, sustainable and delicious restaurants in Manhattan..their website is definitely worth checking out}

{Live Jolly Foods Macaroons and Kale Chips. Yum!}

{It’s always more fun supporting small, family-owned businesses. Their cookies were delicious}

{awesome Coconut Milk based ice cream option}

{organic, animal-friendly facial products. My fingers made some unfriendly appearances in these photos, however…}

I’m slightly overwhelmed, but nonetheless excited to keep all of these brands in mind when choosing vegan products to share with family and friends in the upcoming year!

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One thought on “NYCVFF: The Brands

  1. Reblogged this on Confessions of a College Vegan and commented:
    This is amazing. It’s my version on heaven right now. I honestly wish I would go to the festival this year but I’ll be here in Georgia at SCAD 😦 hope this year is amazing!!


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