Product Review: One Lucky Duck Takeaway’s Green Apple Drink

In between ogling at all the incredible samples at this past Saturday’s Vegetarian Food Festival and getting the chance to work at the Vegucated booth promoting the film and selling merchandise, I took a couple of hours off and wandered over to the Chelsea Market.

Lookin’ good, Chelsea!

Little did I know there would be a One Lucky Duck Takeaway! I was stunned and overjoyed that I had stumbled into their tiny bar, just as I was feeling in need of something green, especially after eating this all morning.

One Lucky Duck is the smaller, “takeaway” version of Pure Food and Wine, New York City’s upscale raw and vegan-only eatery. Its Chelsea Market location offers a grab and go menu of  freshly made juices, shakes, salads, other takeaway, as well as raw sweets and packaged snacks.

PF&W and One Lucky Duck often get a bad rep for its high pricing; I had to agree that their drinks and snacks were a bit on the expensive side. These packages of crackers, nuts, and granola sell for $13.50, not including tax.

Still, I’m such a sucker for anything raw or vegan, I’ll probably shell out once or twice….or weekly while I’ve got the chance.

This trip, however, I opted for a simple green drink, for an easy 7 bucks.

What a beaut.

Juicin’ away!

Yep, you read correctly: apple, cucumber, celery, mint, lime, spinach. A++ with extra credit for the cute packaging.

The best part? I got NO weird stares at ordering this drink, like my family and friends back home give me ever-so-kindly. Nope…everyone there was drinking the same thing! Ah. I love it when I’m around my people.

The drink was perfectly light and refreshing, and gave me just the right amount of energy to head back to the Food Festival for the second half of the day.

Of course, I had to stop by one of the most magical places on earth first…CITIPUPS!

{Brace yourselves, people. Here come the puppies.}

how much is that doggie in the window…the one with the waggily tail…

That face…I mean…

Pure love.

One Lucky Duck, puppies, and gorgeous sunshine, all in one day? Chelsea, stawp it.


Have you ever been to One Lucky Duck? If not…how much do you want to take home that puppy?

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