Restaurant Review: Gingersnap’s Organic

Today’s restaurant review is particularly exciting…it’s my first ever raw food dining experience!

Enter: Gingersnap’s Organic, on 7th Street and First Avenue in the Lower East Side.

Reading their mission statement was music to my ears:

Cuisine that’s 1oo% organic, farm fresh, gluten-free, raw, nutritious, chef-driven, living, handcrafted, consciously crafted, vegan, sustainably sourced, enzyme rich, vibrant, flavorful, healthy, unique”


My good friend Madison and I grabbed a bite here on Monday night; we were the only ones there to dine, which actually made for a very enjoyable and intimate experience. We were able to chat a while with the very cool owner Jamie, watch the chefs prepare our food, and admire the incredibly relaxing and chic ambiance around us.

{I’m actually thinking of just matching my dorm room next year to this EXACT, literally copying their designs and turning my single into a [GO] mini. I’m just dealing with logistics at this point.}


 Since everything is raw {and since GO is largely a takeout restaurant), the chefs simply take out whatever you order and assemble it on your plate, sprucing it up, if you will.—–> sorry everyone, but this information is actually incorrect! Don’t let me mislead you! See below.

***UPDATE! I made the error of not reading closely enough an article about [GO]. The food is actually made fresh for all those dining in. So, everything that we ate was made right there in the kitchen! There are at least two chefs in the kitchen at all times to serve in-house, delivery and to go customers. My mistake!

Madison was the perfect person to bring along to Gingersnap’s, as she is a foodie herself! She is highly interested in the food culture of New York City, eats healthily and organically, and is always ready and willing to try absolutely anything.

After Jamie kindly explained a number of different items on the menu to us newcomers, I settled on the Raw Tacos and Mad selected the Pasta Puttanesca.

{chili corn flax tortilla, pepitas, guacamole, salsa, shredded romaine}

These mini tacos came out looking so gorgeous, I almost didn’t want to take a bite and ruin what could well be considered art!

Nonetheless, I polished off all three in a record ten minutes.

{zucchini noodles, zesty tomato sauce with olives and capers, brazil nut ricotta}

For some reason, the pasta did not want to be photographed.

The way Madison raved about its flavors, perhaps its deliciousness was too much for the camera to handle…

I stole a bite of my own…three words. Brazil. Nut. Ricotta.

We we so extremely pleased with our meals. The servings were small, but we still felt thoroughly satisfied. The flavors, textures, and exotic combinations of Gingersnap’s are unbelievably unique and unprecedented…I think I may have just found my new spot.

No meal is complete for this vegan city dweller without some good ‘ole vegan chocolate. Raw Chocolate Ganache Cake? That’ll do just fine.

We split the dessert as per Jamie’s suggestion (why do I keep splitting with people!?), and Madison’s comment, post-cake-inhaling, said it all.

“I’ve had plenty of chocolate ganache cakes in my lifetime…I think this one is the best.”

With an outstanding owner, great service, impeccable food, free WiFi, BYOB, hours until midnight, and multiple plug-in stations that urge guests to stay a while…I have just about every reason to come back. Let me tell you, the hour and a half trek from the Bronx to Union Square is SO worth it.

One last thing to make you book the next flight to NYC and visit [GO]: the raw and vegan CLEANSE! Basically, for $50 a day, up to 7 days, you are able to receive meals in an adorably chic and eco-friendly brown bag. Gingersnap’s offers as its meals: a chia seed pudding for breakfast, chef’s choice large salad for lunch, chef’s choice large salad and entrée for dinner, and one dessert pudding. This cleanse is for anyone looking “to drop a few of those extra pounds, feel more energized, get that glow back”, etc.

*photo via the website

Ahem…mommy…birthday present? We’ll talk.

Thank you to Jamie and the RAWsome staff over at Gingersnap’s…I’ll be back soon!

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