Restaurant Review: Stack’d Burger Bar

One of my favorite things is going to restaurants that focus on one type of cuisine; for instance, Cocoa V in New York City is a vegan dessert bar; La Merenda in Milwaukee is solely shared tapas from around the world; and my most recent Milwaukee find, Stack’d, is a burger bar! Build-your-own style.

I went at 6:30pm on a Friday with my parents…it was a big night out for us. [story of my life.]

I saw their outside patio and immediately imagined going at 8pm on a hot June night with a big group of friends.

This place has Milwaukee-or better yet, Wisconsin-written all over it, in all the best ways possible. March Madness blaring on the big screens, a New Glarus at practically every table, and the coolest decor-wooded exterior, dim lights, and extremely innovative wall art proclaiming the phrase “eat! drink!” in all different languages!


“Combining quality local produce and grass-fed beef, Stack’d represents Milwaukee’s only destination for gourmet burgers. We’re a locally-owned burger bar using only Wisconsin raised and grown ingredients (where possible) from local brands and co-ops. With a menu of signature burgers made from high-quality proteins paired with hand-crafted sides, Stack’d offers ‘burgers for foodies’ in a city where bar food burger options are the norm.” –> Stack’d mission statement, straight from its website

“Burgers for foodies”, huh? I had to test that out for myself.

I’m thrilled to report that this burger joint passes the vegan test!

My mom ordered the Stack’d Crunch Salad-Spring mix, bok choy, avocado, green onion, wasabi peas, toasted almonds & a spicy ranch dressing, and added their black bean veggie patty on top. She loved it!

I went with the Build-Your-Own, combining the black bean veggie patty, avocado, on a bed of greens, with sweet potato fries.

This is unlike any black bean burger I’ve ever had. Where others have been big, thick, and even a bit dry or crumbly, this black bean burger was thin, and slightly mushy-in a good way! Its as if the patty of beans and veggies had just been hand-formed seconds prior. It made for a more fresh and light burger, and paired perfectly with the greens underneath. A+!

Unpictured is my father’s fish fry, which he enjoyed enormously. Happy diners all around.

I’ve already made a mental note to return soon with a mix of friends-I’m excited to see what creations we all construct next! That’s the beauty of Stack’d. Everyone can be satisfied, thanks to the burger joint’s willingness to customize and alter each meal to one’s preference…this is the perfect spot to make everyone happy.

Thanks, Stack’d…see you again soon.

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