Restaurant Review: Trocadero

This past Sunday night I visited the popular Milwaukee restaurant, Trocadero. It’s actually sister to the other restaurants by the Lowlands Collection of Grand Cafes, including Cafe Hollander, Cafe Benelux, Cafe Centraal.

I instantly fell in love with the atomosphere; we sat outside in the gorgeous summer weather among umbrellaed tables, hanging strings of light, and a massive garden in the middle of the outdoor patio.

As usual, my parents so graciously accompanied me to the outing, where I was very interested in seeing how vegan-friendly the place is. Yep, there’s Dad, mid-sentence!

After closely reading the menu a couple of times, I began to wary. It did not look like I was going to find anything very fitting for me-healthy and vegan, and I resorted to simply ordering a plain salad and enjoying the company. When I double-checked with our waiter that no vegan entrees were hiding from me on the menu, he confirmed my guess that I was out of luck. However, moments later, he skipped back and shared some great news. It turns out the one of the chefs’ brother is actually vegan, and that he and his family dined here every Sunday night. The chef makes a unique vegan dish every week for him. It turns out I had come on the perfect day! The waiter said that the chef could make one extra dish for me.

This dish is actually featured on the menu, in non-vegan form. Spring Vegetable Risotto: oven-roasted spring vegetables, basil risotto, chive oil. I’m not entirely sure what makes the entree non-vegan, or what the chef did to make it vegan…our waiter was literally sprinting to each table he had that busy night, so I thought I wouldn’t press the issue, and just enjoy the meal. It was craaazy spicy, just the way I like my food. I loved the curry sauce with the veggies, but I could have done without the white rice. Still, I’m so lucky to have made it on Vegan Sunday!

I’m not necessarily racing to go back to Trocadero anytime soon, but if Sunday rolls around again and I’m in the mood for something new, I’d love to pop over here, sit outside again, and be surprised with a new vegan creation from the chef!

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